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Asia Pacific is the key region with immense internet usage; more than half of world's 3.6 billion internet users live in the region. According to the latest data from Euromonitor International, the region accounted for 60% of new users coming online over the 2013-2018 period.

KANTAR Connected Life data reveals that, with widespread internet penetration, 70% of Thai population use social network daily, via average 4.2 platforms per week. E-commerce also sees great potential for growth in Thailand; 6% of the Thai are currently e-commerce users, while another 60% identify themselves as E-commerce prospects.

These consumer trends prompt marketers to increasingly leverage on digital connectivity; Thai digital advertisement grows at 30% average rate annually over the past 5 years and is expected to reach THB 1.5 billion by the end of 2018.

In partnership with KANTAR TNS, DAAT provides this data on a yearly basis. This *report presents the data of actual spend of first half 2018 and forecast second half 2018.