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Thank you for your interest in the latest Thailand Digital Advertising Spend Mid-Year 2019 study by DAAT.


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In partnership with KANTAR, DAAT provides this data on a yearly basis. This report presents the data of actual spend of actual total 2018 and forecast total 2019.


  • Access to Thailand digital advertising spend in 2019 by 58 industries and 14 digital media disciplines
  • Examines how the leading sectors have grown their spending during first half 2019 and planned for second half 2019
  • Estimates the market share of major digital media platform, including search, display, Facebook, and YouTube.
  • Discuss industry data on digital advertising spend with key opinion leaders.

Key takeaways from the report:

  • Digital media spending is growing as the digital space becomes more and more to consumers’ lives.
  • Social media platform is climbing fast.
  • Programmatic buying will continue to thrive.
  • Sales conversion and e-commerce website traffic driven will be more concentrated than engagement alone.

In full report:

  • Shows quantitative date: more detailed crosstab data for category and disciplines.
  • Show qualitative data: new angles for qualitative part based on quantitative research result.
  • Data available in PDF finding report and excel data.